Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lessons do you offer?

August - May, we offer Music lessons for ages 4 - Adult. We offer Private Lessons, Group Classes of 4 or more students and Buddy Classes of 2-3 students. Our lessons include Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Violin, Viola, Cello, Voice, Group Singing Classes, Drums/Percussion, Bass, Woodwinds, Brass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Harmonica, Christian Drama, Summer Camps and more.
We offer 30, 45, & 60 minute lessons.

In summer, we offer private lessons, group and buddy camps, and all-day camps where students write a song, learn 3 instruments, Christian drama, and more! Instruments provided for summer camps and lessons.

Can I Register at any time?

Yes, we offer Year Round lessons.
Private Lesson students and Buddy Classes can start at any time.
We start Group Classes 2 times a year. We have Fall and Spring Classes.
Our Fall Group Classes are from September – May
Our Spring Classes are January-May.
Our summer camps and lessons run through June and July.

If you are registering to start lessons after August 15, please fill out the Registration Form and our office will contact you with prorated tuition prices.

Can Parents sign up for any Group class with their Kids?

YES!!! We have had an overwhelming number of Parents ask us if they can take the lessons with their kids! We are extending to Parents the opportunity to Register for any Group class with their kids! The classes will be at the child’s level.

What great memories you'll have and cherish taking lessons with your kids!!! Please make sure that you let us know when you register what you are signing up for. Parents will need to fill out a separate Registration for themselves and put in the comment box the child's name you want to take with so we put you in the correct class.

I noticed you have several locations. Which one is best for me?
Our main campus for daytime and after school lessons is at centrally located Harvest Family Church at 303 Post Oak Drive in Conroe. That location is the easiest to get to from all directions. We do offer lessons on campus at several schools and also in home lessons in some areas. Our Recitals and Summer Camps are held at Harvest Family Church (HFC). HFC is located only 2-5 minutes from The Rec Center, Oscar Johnson, Sacred Heart, Covenant Christian, and many other schools that attend our classes. If you are coming from The Woodlands, Spring, Montgomery, Willis, or New Caney, or surrounding areas, HFC is easy to get to from I-45, 105 or 336. It is located 1 block S of Gladstell off S Frazier.
What are your hours at the Harvest Family Church location?
Mondays 2:00pm-7:00pm
Tuesdays 2:00pm-7:00pm
Wednesdays 12:00pm-8:00pm
Note: Earlier or later times may be available some days. Check with our office for other options.
What are the dates of the Lessons and Classes?

We follow the Conroe ISD Holiday Calendar

Private Lessons and Buddy Classes start August 15, 2022 - May 19, 2023.

Fall Group Class Schedule:
September 12-14 2022 – May 19, 2023

Spring Group Class Schedule:
January 30 - February 1, 2023 - May 19, 2023

WE HAVE 5 WEEKS OF SUMMER CAMPS FOR 2023 in June and July. Go to the home page and Summer Camp tab to see what we have. There is also a printable Summer Camp flyer.

Do you offer daytime lessons for Homeschoolers?
Yes, we offer Homeschoolers daytime and afternoon class options for private lessons, group classes, and buddy classes that follow the Conroe ISD holiday calendar. See our fall group class flyer for new group classes. Private lessons and buddy classes can start year round.
Are there any other daytime options for Adults?
Yes, at our main HFC campus, adults can take at any time. Lessons run from 2:00pm-7:00pm on Mondays, 10:00am-7pm on Tuesdays, and 2:00pm-8:00pm on Wednesdays.
What Private Schools do you offer lessons On Campus?

Currently we are on Campus at the following Schools:

Covenant Christian School
Huntsville Classical Academy
Premier High School
Sacred Heart Catholic School

Each campus tuition varies year to year depending on the current School's calendar (how many lessons there will be).

We offer Private Lessons, Group Classes and Buddy Classes on most school campuses. Each Campus varies depending on the school.

What if my School isn't listed on the "On Campus" List?

We also Partner with the following schools who attend our Harvest Family Church after school Lessons and Classes:

The Conroe Rec Center
Oscar Johnson
Sacred Heart Catholic School
CAA Christian Academy
Lifestyle Christian School
Montgomery Christian Academy
TTC (The Training Center)
HIS Classes
H.O.M.E Homeschool
Quest Collegiate Academy
Conroe ISD (Conroe, The Woodlands, Oak Ridge, Caney Creek, College Park)
Willis ISD Montgomery ISD and many Local Pre Schools, Elementary, Jr. High and High Schools.

What Group Classes are available this Fall?
Fall 2022, we have new Beginner Group Classes in addition to continuing Group Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, Ukulele, Singing, Drums, and more classes at our Harvest Family Church location. Note that the Singing Classes are for all levels.
If I am currently taking Private Lessons, can I switch to Group Classes?
It depends If there is a class at your level. We could schedule an interview with you to determine if you are a good candidate to switch. If you are starting a new instrument in the fall, then for sure yes, you could take a Beginner Group or Buddy Class.
How many students are in a Group Class?

Most of our Group Classes have a 4 student minimum and 8 student maximum. Some of our classes have more then 8 students like our singing classes.

During our Monday-Wednesday Group Classes, we conveniently have multiple instrument classes and student age groups going on at the same time to pick from so parents can bring all their children at the same time to take their music lessons. What a time saver!

What if I have multiple children who want lessons?
During our Monday-Wednesday Group Classes, we conveniently have multiple instrument classes and student age groups going on at the same time to pick from so parents can bring all their children at the same time to take their music lessons. What a time saver!
What is a Buddy Class?

Find 1 or more friends, siblings or parents and take a class with them! Buddy Classes are great because you can pick your time slot and design your Buddy Class just for you and your friends musical likes! Parents how about signing up and taking a class with your Kids?….Parent/Child Buddy classes will be taught at the Child’s level, but Parents, we will make sure you are growing musically too!!

Another way we make Buddy Classes is when students sign up for a Group Class (4 or more students) and only 2 or 3 sign up. When this happens, we do not cancel the class, but make it a Buddy Class. The tuition for the Buddy Classes and Group Classes are found under Tuition and Schedules tab on our website.

What is the Registration Fee and what does it include?

A yearly Registration fee is paid per student for the August-May School year. Registration includes an optional recital, and an Award Medal and Certificate of Completion for students who participate in the Spring Recital. Also, new students will get a free Art of Music Book Bag and returning students can choose a Free AoM T-Shirt, AoM Music Book Bag, or an Art of Music Lanyard.

Students can sign up for as many classes as they like with the yearly Registration fee. Fall registration begins in March every year and the Registration Fee secures a student’s time slot for the Fall and holds it all summer whether or not a student participates in summer lessons. (Time slots are on a 1st come basis and assigned when a student registers.)

$85 registration fee for Private Lesson Students and Buddy Classes. Includes 1 Optional Recital.

$65 registration fee for Group/Buddy Classes and includes one optional recital.

Students pay one registration fee per year and can sign up for as many classes as they want when they register.

All Registration Fees are non-refundable.

Are books included in the Registration Fee?
Books are not included in the Registration Fee. Book prices vary depending on the type of instrument and the age of the student.
What is Pre-Registration?

Pre-Registration for the Fall 2023-2024 school year opens April 1, 2023. Pre-Registration gives our current students the opportunity to Register, keep, and secure their time slot before we open Fall Registration which starts April 15th. Registration secures students Fall time slot all Summer until our Fall lessons/classes start.

When students Pre-Register, they are securing the time slot that they currently have. Students can request a different lesson day or time if they would like to switch for the Fall, and we will contact them if it becomes available. Please write any special instructions about your time slot preference on the Registration form.

What is the Private Lesson Registration Fee?
Private lesson students pay $85 non-refundable Registration fee which includes an optional Recital on the last Saturday in April. If they participate in the Recital, they will receive an Award Medal and Certificate for completing the year. When students register, New Students will receive a FREE Music Back Pack Book Bag and Returning Students can pick between a FREE Music Book Bag, a FREE Art of Music T-Shirt, or an Art of Music Lanyard.
What is the Group Class Registration Fee?

1st year Group students pay $65 non-refundable Registration Fee per student, which includes 1 Recital (April), and a Completion Award Medal and Certificate. New students will receive a FREE Music Book Bag.

Returning students (signing up for returning Group Classes), will have an optional recital (April). Along with their registration, they will each receive an Award Medal and Certificate (at the April Recital). Also along with registration, they can pick between a FREE back pack book bag, a FREE Art of Music T-Shirt, or our NEW Art of Music Lanyard.

What is the Buddy Class Registration Fee?

1st year Buddy Class students pay $65 non-refundable Registration Fee per student, which includes 1 Recital (April), and a Completion Award Medal and Certificate. New students will receive a FREE Art of Music Back Pack Music Bag.

Returning Buddy Class students (signing up for 2nd year or up Buddy Classes, will have 1 recital (April). Along with their registration, they will receive an Award Medal and Certificate at the April Recital. They will also pick between a FREE back pack book bag, a FREE Art of Music T-Shirt, or our Art of Music Lanyard.

How does the prorated tuition prices work?

Tuition is pro-rated, and based on the Location of the lessons, the number of lessons in the year and then divided by the amount of months in the year. For instance, at our Harvest Family Church after school location, a student taking lessons on Tuesdays in the Fall 2022 will be taking 34 lessons for the year. A 30 minute lesson is $42 a lesson at that location. We add that up and divide by 10 months (August – May) giving us the monthly tuition of $143 per month for August – May.

Because we pro-rate, you are not paying for the holidays that we are closed. Because we add up all the lessons for the year and divide it evenly, your tuition is the same amount every month. If a new student starts lessons after the school year has started, we count up how many lessons are left for the year and divide by however many months are left. We follow the Conroe ISD holiday calendar.

How are Buddy Class Prices determined?
Buddy Classes are priced depending on the number of students in the class, start date, and the length and location of the class. Prices for Buddy classes are found on our website under Tuition.
How are Group Class Prices determined?
Group Class prices depend on the location, day of the class and size of the class. Check our Policies and Fees page on the website and look under Group Classes and Buddy Classes for the Summer and Fall for the price of the class you are interested in.
What if I miss a lesson?
Because of scheduling conflicts, we are not able to offer make up lessons. If you will not be attending your lesson, we do appreciate you letting us know so we can let your teacher know.
What is the Holiday schedule and do I pay for Holiday weeks?

At Harvest, we follow the Conroe ISD Holiday Calendar. In the schools, we follow each school's Holiday Calendar. The Harvest Location Calendar is posted on our website.

No, you do not pay for Holidays. All lessons whether they are Private Lessons, Group Lessons or Buddy Classes have been prorated depending on how many lessons that you will be getting that year. We do not count how many lessons you are getting each month because that will vary. But, the amount of lessons you are getting for the year, will not vary.

For instance, in 2022-2023 on the Conroe ISD Calendar, there are 29 Mondays, 34 Tuesdays, and 36 Wednesdays. Our Fall Group Classes are from September-May and our Spring Classes are from January-May and will also follow the Conroe ISD holiday schedule.

What are my payment options?
We require automatic billing from either a checking account, credit card, or debit card. We accept Master Card and Visa. There is a $3 per $100 convenience fee per month added to credit card and debit card tuition payments. There is no added fee for checking account payments. Students pay by the month on the 1st, 5th, 15th, or 20th of each month. Also accepted are post-dated checks made out for each month, and full payment per semester (August-January, and February-May) or the full year (August-May) by check, credit card, or cash.
What is your cancellation policy?

For Private lessons, we ask for a 30 day notice in writing before the 1st of the previous month to discontinue lessons.

However, because Group Classes and Buddy classes are priced depending on how many students are in the class, they are a full year commitment and cannot be dropped.

What about Summer?

We offer 5 summer camp weeks in June and July for 2023 for ages 4 - Adult, and hope that our students will take advantage of our convenient 3 day Summer Camps. Students come Monday – Wednesday for three days of 40 minute lessons instead of four weeks of 30 minute lessons, so they can get their music lessons in and still go on vacation or church camp!! We also offer three All Day Camps for ages 5-17 where students learn Songwriting (they will write and perform a song), pick 3 instruments to have lessons every day (guitar, keyboard, singing, drums, violin, or ukulele), choir class, and one more class that varies per camp (Christian Drama, Dance, Musical Theatre, Boomwackers, Bells, and Recorder Flute, etc). Students perform everything they learned at an End of Camp performance.

We also have three Group Class 3-day Camps, three Private Lesson/Buddy Class 3-day Camps, and June and July Pick 3 Days Private Lesson/Buddy Class Camps for students who want to spread out the lessons over the month instead of 3 days in a row.

Adults can take Private Lessons, Group Classes, or Buddy Classes. Adult classes include guitar, keyboard, ukulele, drums, violin and singing! A great way to try out an instrument or get summer lessons on your current instrument!

However, Summer is optional. Once the non-refundable registration is paid for Fall 2022, and a time slot is selected, we will hold the time slot all summer for that student. Fall tuition goes from August – May. Summer registration and tuition is separate.

There is a $15 non-refundable registration fee for all summer classes and camps. The registration fee holds their time slot for the summer classes.

The Summer schedule is posted on our Home page and on the Summer tab, plus there is a printable Summer Camp Flyer.